Author: afrata

Summer vacations in Greece

Mykonos versus Ios

First things first, these two islands are located in the Aegean Sea, and both belong to the island group of Cyclades.  That said, it is critical to point out that it is rather inaccurate to compare them by asking which one of them is the better.

These mgnificent  islands constitute two very distinct destinations and offer qualitatively different experiences to the visitors.  It all has to do with the atmosphere that you choose to live in concerning your summer vacations, your mood, and your budget.


Although the comparison does not do justice neither to Mykonos nor to Ios, the question «which of the two is better?» remains particularly popular especially among the young people.  The immediate response to that very question would be to visit both, and decide for yourself.  That very premise though implies that you have the time and the financial ability to do so, and this is not always the case for each and everyone for you.



Since so many people travel in Greece not only for the beautiful places, the scenery, the food and the friendly people but also for luxurious life Greek islands can offer, you should definitely consider luxurious villas as one of your options. There a lot of different agencies that offer villas for rent where you can find the perfect villa for your and the holidays of your dreams.


Let us at that point compare the two, and find out their key differences.

On the one hand, Mykonos constitutes the ultimate cosmopolitan destination!  The Island of the Winds set a unique metropolitan vibe, and offers a combination of sophisticated and glamorous atmosphere, which makes the overall Mykonian experience unforgettable.  The whole scene is complimented by a great variety of luxurious products and services.

In addition, another key characteristic that differentiate Mykonos not only from Ios, but from all the other Greek islands as well, is its high-end accommodation choices.  In more detail, in Mykonos you can find the most impressive villas in order to spend your holidays as a proper A-lister.

As you can easily understand, Mykonos constitutes a must destination for the international jet set, the international celebrities, and the elites, who every summer visit the islandand set the standards.  Of course Mykonos offers affordable choices as well, but is not characterized by them.

On the other hand, Ios, in contrast with Mykonos, is an island with very different sentiment.  In Ios you can find tourists from all over the world as well, but not the same kind of people.

More specifically, Ios constitute a far more affordable choice in terms of products, services, and accomodation, and for that matter is characterized as a more laid-back scene.  That said, it is evident that it attracts a more easy-going type of people.  In more detail, Ios is the perfect destination for backpackers, and individuals who enjoy the deserted beaches with their wild beauty untouched by any tourist facilities.

Apart from the aforementioned differences, Mykonos and Ios have one characteristic partly in common, and both claim the title of The Party Mecca of Greece.

Both Mykonos and Ios for sure, offer notorious parties day and night.  The frenzy in both islands start from early on every day.  After enjoying the spectacular waters and the golden beaches, the first electrifying day party starts.  Cocktails, drinks, loud rhythmic music, dancing, and countless people in bathing suits are coming together by becoming a vibrant whole! That atmosphere is evident in both islands.  The same happens concerning the nightlife.  The around the clock parties are taking place in the various mega clubs with live DJs playing, and the people dancing until the sun goes up again.

The only difference between the two islands though is that Mykonos offers much more choices in terms of beach bars and mega clubs compare to Ios, and at the same time the aforementioned Mykonian choices are way more glamorous, and more expensive.  On the other hand, in Ios although the options are fewer, but that does not, in any case, affect the vitality and the overall experience.